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Spain - A Country of Fiestas
Spain is inherently a Wine drinking nation which produces a range of excellent Wines. Spain is located in southern Europe with Mediterranean Sea enveloping the eastern coast and the north Atlantic Ocean covering the south-western coast. As a consequence Spanish climate is dry and hot which is ideal for growing grape-vines.

Despite being of good quality, Spanish Wines did not have much international recognition until 25 years ago. It was primarily due to poor marketing. However, Spanish Wines have uplifted their image tremendously during the past decade and export of Wine to other countries has risen sharply.

Spain is a country of Fiestas and Festivals and Wine drinking has a special place in Spanish culture. Cheap wines are quite popular in Spain and teenagers have developed a new style of enjoying cheap red Wines. They like to drink red Wine mixed with coke. However, it is not acceptable in upper class or formal social gatherings.

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