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South Africa - The Rainbow Nation
Although, there are a number of Wine producing nations in Africa, South Africa has a distinctive advantage over others due to its favourable geographic location for growing quality grape-vines. South Africa's long coastline runs along south Atlantic ocean in west and eastern South Africa is bordered by Indian ocean. Most of South African Wines are produced in south-west of the country where climate is strikingly similar to that of the southern Italy and Spain.

Wine was first produced in South Africa in Cape Town in mid-seventeenth century by a Dutch colonial administrator. Very soon South African Wines gained much popularity among people of high ranks in the society. Unfortunately, apartheid did not let the Wine industry flourish and phylloxera pest attack during late nineteenth century almost killed the already struggling Wine industry. However, end of apartheid era pushed South African Wine industry back in business. South Africa has been producing increasing quantities of Wine every year for domestic consumption and export. It's not just the quantity that South Africa is focusing on, South African Wines are regularly appreciated for their quality throughout the world.

Sunday, May 13, 2007, 01:17 AM

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