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Germany - Land of Ideas
Contrary to the popular belief, Germany is not only a land of ideas and beers. Germany is also an origin of some of the most amazing Wines in the world, most notable being German Riesling. The history of German Wines goes back to first century when Romans first planted vines there. Later, as in many other western European countries Wine making was taken over and spread by Church.

Germany has relatively cool northerly climate compared to other Wine producing nations. This makes growing grape-vines in Germany a bit more demanding as vines take longer to ripe. Therefore most of the vineyards are located in the south of the country around River Rhine, where climate is milder. To get as much sunlight as possible vines are planted on extreme slopes facing south. This makes mechanical harvesting of grapes very difficult and they are generally hand-picked.

Almost 75% of Wine produced in Germany is White Wine. Most of the Wine produced in Germany is consumed locally. German Wines have rich and distinctive flavours which are rare to find any where else due to Germany's unique geographic location and climatic conditions.

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