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Chile - Geographica Loca
Chile is perhaps a country with most unusual geography in the World. It is like a long narrow ribbon (4,200 kilometers long and 150 kilometers wide) wedged between Pacific ocean on the western coast and Andes mountains on the eastern border. It has deserts in the north and Arctic ice in the south. However, Chilean climate is temperate with long dry summers. Natural nutrient rich fertile soil makes Chilean vineyards exemplary.

Chilean Wine making tradition is around 400 years. First vines were planted by Spaniards in sixteenth century. Later French introduced Cabrenet Sauvignon and Merlot to the Chilean soil in eighteenth century. Today, Chilean Cabrenet Sauvignon is considered more French than French Cabrenet Sauvignon by some experts. It is because all French (in fact European) vineyards were destroyed by phylloxera pest in nineteenth century and Chilean grape-vines were used to replenish the French vineyards.

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